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E-mail: i. This was done and the final Commission of nine members included a number of eminent scientists of whom at least two remain very well known, Benjamin Franklin and Antoine de Lavoisier. Although Mesmer was willing to put his methods to the test in a controlled trial comparing his use of Animal Magnetism with orthodox treatments Mesmer ; Donaldsonhe absolutely refused to allow tests assessing whether Animal Magnetism existed.

In their Report, the Commissioners always refer to themselves as a body which thought this, considered the other, or decided to do such-and-such.

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The Commissioners are only rarely mentioned individually and never in the context of presenting an argument or proposing a course of action. Really, we have only one source of clues to the likely driving force behind the design of the experiments — some of which, those involving blind tests — were truly revolutionary.

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This source is the documents on Animal Magnetism preserved in the Works of Lavoisier Lavoisier, The six volumes eventually appeared between and It is a mixture of true facts and observations with claimed results from a principle that is completely hypothetical and from this one has succeeded in creating a body of doctrine which is imposing even to enlightened doctors of medicine.

He then continues: The skill of the Commissioners consists in following the chain of reasoning and recognising where it is interrupted; in putting facts before reasoning.

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A good system of logic does not allow the admission of new principles in order to explain facts if am i single or taken test can be explained by other principles that are already known.

We shall therefore not admit [the existence of] animal magnetism except to the extent that it will present effects that cannot be assigned to any other cause.

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We shall investigate whether imagination alone, without magnetism, cannot produce similar [effects] and we shall undertake, therefore, a series of experiments on animal magnetism separately from imagination and on the imagination separately from magnetism. These reflections have suggested the following plan to me. The Commissioners chosen by am i single or taken test king to examine the method of M. Deslon have already seen enough of it to be am i single or taken test in suspecting that all the effects that it produces can be explained without introducing into physics and medicine an animal magnetic fluid of which no positive proof demonstrates the existence, and which shares none of the properties of other known fluids, and for which one supposes gratuitously some [properties] which are incompatible with others and with everything that one knows.

My English translation of the Plan can be found in the Appendix.

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The Plan describes an experiment, which does not appear in the Report, to be carried out with subjects seated round a pool, though the Report does include a rather similar experiment which does not involve magnetisation of water in a pool. The Report describes the am i single or taken test famous experiment with magnetised trees at Passy.

Lavoisier also mentions by name a subject who is not named in the Report. But the contents do suggest that the Plan did, indeed, predate the experiments themselves. Comparing Plan and Report it is clear that the Commissioners did follow the principles set out in the Report although not in every detail.

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An experiment very similar to that proposed at a pool was carried out but, apparently, without the pool. Instead of having Deslon magnetise water beside the subjects, the Commissioners led the blindfolded subjects to believe that they were being magnetised by Deslon though, in fact, Deslon was absent.

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This suggests that the Plan was, indeed, available to the Commissioners who am i single or taken test decided, upon reflection, that it would be better to avoid touching the subject as was inevitable to feel the pulse, for the reasons which they explain. The Plan was prepared, one supposes, either by Lavoisier alone or in consultation with other Commissioners.

am i single or taken test

Since it is very clear that the Commissioners, including Lavoisier, had reached a stage at which they strongly suspected that the effects of magnetisation were not due to a physical agent acting on the subject, and the Plan sets out experiments specifically to test this, it must have been am i single or taken test up after the preliminary observations set out in the Report.

Bailly will present himself at Passy about ten in the morning of Saturday to inform M. Franklin about the plan of the intended experiments, and to prepare in front of M. Franklin all that is required to carry them out.

This passage is so important to the question of whether Franklin took part in devising the plan that I quote the original here : Mr. Bailly se rendra a passy vers dix heures du matin samedi pour faire part a Mr.

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It strongly implies that the details of this plan of experiments were new to Franklin. Am i single or taken test, it also shows that the Plan predated the magnetised-tree experiments and was not a post-hoc account.

It ensures that from a single test, reliable positive and negative results are obtained.

We now have the question of when and by whom the Plan was modified. In particular, we would like to know whose idea it was to perform the blind experiment with magnetised trees.

Unfortunately, we have no answer to this. If so, he designed what seem to be the first single-blind trials of a procedure. Am i single or taken test would be delightful to be able to claim that, more than two and a quarter centuries after the event, we now know who designed the critical experiments for the Royal Commission and, in so doing, generated the first blind trial of a procedure.

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