Dates of manned moon landings.

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I am going to be the first woman on the Moon to bring all flags planted up there back home and hand them over to their rightful owner, which is represented by the president of the United States of America.

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Is it really that expensive to fly to the Moon? I am not exaggerating. Spaceflight is expensive and consists to a large extend of development costs. Manned missions to celestial bodies go with enormous costs in comparison to robotic missions and are very uncommon today.

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Here is an overview of the arising costs, which might help you to understand the composition of the sum better. It is really difficult to be more precise as the space flight sector is quite secretive and the costs are on a negotiated basis.

There are no fix prices in spaceflight and development expenses can vary. A human lander: Human landers are more complex and much more expensive.

No country is currently building a human-rated lander. A human-rated rover: It must be capable to get me safely dates of manned moon landings from one flag to the next one, similar to a small caravan with enough storage space for food, water and oxygen. The longest distance a roving vehicle dates of manned moon landings so far were Smaller expenses occur for the astronaut training, the astronaut suit and supplies like fuel, food, water and oxygen You can follow the progress on my Youtube -channel and stay updated via Facebook.

Where are the flags located? The coordinates of the flags are the following: Apollo 0.

The flag Neil Armstrong erected on the Moon at the Apollo 11 mission is gone. It fell over during the rocket blast that launched them back to meet with the command module, because it was planted to close to the landing capsule. For me, this means one flag less I have to care about. Where do the flags come from?

In the course of the Apollo program from to six manned Moon missions took place, all done by NASA astronauts.

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At each Moon landing they erected an American flag. They have a size of 3-byfoot or 0. Are the flags still in their original condition?

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No, they are not. They are completely white now.

So it is dates of manned moon landings time to return the white flags, as they have already given all they had for their purpose. What will happen to the flags after you returned them to Earth? It is not my goal to tarnish history. I will neither damage nor steal them, nor do I want to place my own flag into the Moon's grey soil. I intend to give the flags back to their rightful owner, which is represented by the president of the United States of America.

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When will you do the mission? The estimated flight date is The precise and reliable planning as well as my dates of manned moon landings preparations require time. This has a lot more to do with safety and testing than with the actual technology development.

The Outer Space Treaty from explicitly forbids any government from claiming a celestial resource such as the Moon or a planet. Article II of the treaty states that "outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of dates of manned moon landings or occupation, or by any other means".

Even if it the United States never implied to take possessions of the Moon, but to "signalize [sic] the first lunar landing as an historic forward step of all mankind that has been accomplished by the United States", a dates of manned moon landings is a common symbol of marking a territory. What about astronaut training?

Every person with the desire to go to space and enough money is able to do an astronaut training at Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City dates of manned moon landings Moscow. The training will be adapted to the individual needs of my mission. After I proved medical suitability for the journey I am going to take theoretical lessons, attend lectures, and pass hands-on simulator training.

I will have to assimilate and become an active member of the cosmonaut team.

Apollo 11: Landing on the Moon

A minimum of six months or hours of active mission training with my fellow crew-members is required. The training dates of manned moon landings include atmospheric pressure tests in a specially designed pressure chamber and a hands-on station-training in the simulators at the training center, including time in the Soyuz flight simulator and Soyuz docking simulator.

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